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My own encounter with a married man

Gold ring on his finger, been there longer then my years lived

One loyal wife & two beautiful kids

Gold ring on his finger, and dark eyes dart through me from across the room,

“Gorgeous you are, sounded all so gloom”

Gold ring on his finger, in the lime light holding my next drink

Just one more drink from the bar. (it’s on me you whisper again)


Wife by his side, matching rings glisten in my eyes,

You’re a kind man?

One of the kinder man of this city.


Gold ring on his finger, a friendly smile, a family man,

Look at your wife she’s your biggest fan.

Gold ring on his finger, strokes my lower back as he passes through the crowd

Lips almost touching my ear , you say something, but it’s too loud

Gold finger on his finger, stops me as I say my good byes

You’re a strong man, you make me taste your lies


Wife inside, matching gold rings no longer glisten in my eyes,

Breaking from your grip, what’s next a tip?

Turn around in the opposite direction, as my eyes begin to drip,

Just another night out with the kind men in this city.

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