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Why be so Lovely for Muso!

It’s all happening so quickly with this guy, everything just falls into place it’s not forced and he’s so lovely.

So he meet the parents… something that has been a big no no this past year?

Wasn’t feeling well and living with my parents still, if he wants to come see me he has to see them too. Wasn’t as bad as I thought, this guy carries himself so well and I envy his confidence. Shook my dad’s hand and my little brothers & a polite hello to mother. Lingered longer then I wanted with the greetings, standing awkwardly (me only being the awkward one) I got him into my room to put his stuff down.

We always have something to talk about when we are together so it’s not only the physical attraction we have for each other. Im myself when I’m with him, and can just talk to him for hours. I adore him.

I seem to be finding myself sinking into him instead of fighting how I feel about him anymore. I don’t want a relationship & he knows that (now anyways) So I have to keep reminding myself that we are just two people that enjoy each other’s company & to not be selfish and care what else he does… and I’m finding this really hard with him!

I want him all so myself, my Muso! I’m pretty much a one men type of girl when I find myself really liking a guy, cant physically throw myself at another guy when I have feelings for someone else. & cheating! There’s no looking twice after that… I can never be one of those girls “Oh well he made a mistake and he promises he won’t do it again” seriously… he’s dead to me.

So I guess at the moment I’m having an issue with the feelings I’m having, but still being ok with him & even myself… openly seeing other people… I don’t think I can do it…

But maybe when I catch the travel bug, with the partying atmosphere & the purrdyy locals ill forget all about him… I’m hoping so anyways… gah! What I horrible thing to wish for…