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I’m sticking with crazy, others say fate?

Been seeing this guy more then I should be. Plan was to not get to attached before my travels. How can you not meet someone when it possibly was meant to be… I try really hard not to provote it, in fact ive been fighting it more then just letting it happen.

Plans fell through with a friend and he invited me to a gig in Terrigal where he would play at a coffee shop by the beach. Could use some time alone-ish at a coffee shop, where I plan to do it a lot over seas. I didn’t mind it, was peaceful. The charming singer/song writer helped of course. Trying not to stare, every time I looked up he would glance across and smile. I love the way hes music projects while he smiles through his singing, melts my little heart!

I wondered the shops, bought a few things including a little book to take back and draw in. Had a cigarette on the beach before heading back to the coffee shop.

He bought me lunch with the money he made from selling CDs in the time he was there. Was a sweet gesture as I know he never has any money.

Was a big race back as his parents where going to be at his place shortly and we both had mothers day dinners to make it to. Oh and he had to hide the Pot plants before his parents found them.

Plan was to ditched the things I had upstairs and drive straight home, no need for me to meet the parents, very unnecessary.

As we roll up they are sitting out the front, I started to panic and pack my things, he hasnt even mentioned me to them. Like who am I to him anyways?

I turn around to head straight to my car but… it was windy that day… and a branch had fallen straight into the drivers side of my car! Smashing the front window… “whos pore bastards car is that D” Hi Mum, yeh thats Sams car, this is Sam… “Oh, sorry, nice to meet you”. Yup that’s my car, just my luck. Did I ever tell you my life is just one big inconvenience.

“Looks like you are coming to mothers day dinner with my family after all” he was smiling during this point and I wasnt sure if he was generally happy about it or trying not to make me feel bad about the unfortunate branch that lodged itself into my car! Most likely the second one.

So weather we were happy about it or not, I met the parents over dinner.

Why I say crazy, well. It could have been the best plan ive even seen roll out in front of my eyes.

When I showed up to his house, he knocked on the neighbours door.

Here he could of pointed out the targeted car.

When we drove home to Terrigal and he begs me to come back that night.

Here I go to leave and there is a branch directly on the drivers side, making it unable to drive. Branch or Golf club?

Ive now been unable to leave (held captive) for now 3 nights at his house while my windscreen gets repaired. Two people now that have said the word. Fate. To me.

I’m going to stick with crazy and see what else the universe spits out for us.