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Should I take free candy from a stranger?

You know being single you meet so many people, and its getting hard to determine whether their just being nice or if they have further intentions.

Met a guy who owns a sex store in Manly, nice guy. Was the best mate of the life guard I was seeing for a while. Was always nice to me, included me in on the Sunday morning BBQs on the beach. Always said I was too good for Life guard.

We talk a lot on social networking while I’m in the office and he’s working in the Sex store. I asked when hes working and if I could get some discounts.

You know what he said back, “free for you”… now hold up. Does he know what he just said to me. So I confirmed it “yeh sure, free. What do you want” Ok, there’s got to be a catch right. I tell him what I want, just a small bullet. Didn’t want to push it, there’s so much I could of said. Cool thanks!

“its ok you now owe me *with a wink face*” Now I feel like I made a deal with the devil… but he’s not bad, quite sexy actually, a lot older.. like 28 older (im 21) NO KATE! You will not pimp yourself out for sex toys… or will I.

I’ll let you know, I see him on Saturday.

Then! There was another case last weekend.

Guy asked to see me art, takes a huge interest in it and he hands me his card. He makes artist’s works into sculptures. Thought, wow this guy is so nice to want to bring my drawing to life! I’d say he was about 45. Later that night man handles me and forces his tongue down my throat! That’s another night…

Summary, they seem to just want me for my body… :( don’t let them fool you.

Butter you up and pull you down.