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Rock star or Rock bottom?

Think I am partly insane.

Went out Saturday night to the city of Sydney. Instead of the usual dingy, cheap places we go to me and Harmonica went to a place that was a little more fancy. Upstairs Beresford.

So the people were beautiful and the drinks were pricey, bottle of house wine it is.

Few bottles of wine later and a bottle I found on the table we managed possibly be the two most drunk girls in the club. Stubble up stairs to the night club section everyone seemed to be just standing around. Dancing to music I didn’t know, Gf spilling her drink all over me, girls giving us dirties and a circle of guys watching.

No success though, due to the extent of my drunkenness every guy I second glanced I looked to Harmonica for a thumbs up. Each time she would yell across to me “NO! HES TO OLD! Or NO KATE! HE UGLY” I’m sure everyone heard this.

I cute Asian girl I was dancing with earlier invited us to a pub after Upstairs Beresford closed. That was a blur. Remember Harmonica holding my hand out of the club saying she knows a guy who lives nearby who will drive us home in the morning.

Pull up and the guy pays for the cab ride, bikes out the front, couldn’t get in the front door as the door handle had been taken off… Guy Cane takes us around the back where a big guy full of tattoos sat with a plate dusked with Cocaine. Nice enough guy in the end, talk of showing his tat of his time with the Bra Boys came up in conversation but I had placed myself on the step away from the chaos.

The bowl went around and I said no, another guy sat next to me bringing the bowl back twice, offered to go half. What the hell I was sobering up. My nose went numb and all of a sudden I couldn’t stop talking.

Phone rang. It’s Mr Dreamy! He wanted me to come Cargo bar, if I could only tell him the real reason I did not come. I didn’t even know where I was. Possibly doing Cocaine with the Bra Boys. No Idea.

Harmonica with the boyfriend of 3 years disappeared in the room with this Cane guy leaving me to entertain these two guys… I was scared, tired and fucking hungry so I raided their cardboards. Migoieng! So I made them noodles, haha not what you expected right? Haha what kind of sex blog is this!.

Found an Ikea furr mat in the house and curled up to sleep a little, I heard the big guy with the tats come into the room. He laid next to me asking if I was awake, I stayed quite. Suddenly he grabbed me and pulled me closer to him in the spooning position, I froze.

His hands traced my body softy, as I secretly started to enjoy it he started using his nails, I could tell he was a nail biter! Still I did not awake, afraid what would happen. The sun was starting to come up and I hadn’t got a blink of sleep. I jumped up so there was no awkward eye contact in the morning and went to find my gf and this guy who was taking us home – 50 mins west.

Woke the two up without hesitation, guy laughed at me when I said will he take us home and he called us a cab.

So one cab ride and a long train trip I was home at 12:00pm Sunday afternoon -_-

Another constructive weekend. 

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