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Mr Dreamy

Oh my Gosh.


Met this beautiful, sweet guy on the weekend at a family function, we hit it off straight away. This is only a bad thing, we have been texting back and forth ever since he got my number off my cousin ( also he stalked me on facebook)

This is only a bad thing because I’m only looking for a Mr Right now not a Mr Right. Travelling to Europe has given’ me a new out look at the male race, I can only think of one thing I want from them. This has been found to be very appealing to guys. Having the attitude that you’re just not interested hits them by surprise and I think more us girls need to have this about us, less of a desperate approach.


I didn’t know anyone at my cousins party but as always I walked out knowing everyone. Earlier in the night I was talking to a girl at the party about something boring while downing my Coronas awfully quickly.. 1… 2 …

Then I tall, dark, handsome man walked behind her in my view, as my eyes followed him across the yard I found myself in an awkward conversation not realizing I had lost thoughts for a while there. Cleaning up the conversation I wrapped it up going to get another beer to place myself elsewhere in the party. Further away from him the better! No need for anymore dazed conversations.

Having an interesting conversation with a 40 year old man he pointed out to me a pattern. The guys in the party would pass the bins closer to them and lean down to the one behind me… sooner figuring out they were perving on my ass. Being the new meat this was fluttering but changed positioned with the man, the progression stopped haha! Only now Mr Dreamy was right in my view point, realizing he was looking at me just as much as I was looking at him… not good! Another beer. Another… who said shots.. blur… oh, its Mr Dreamy feeding me shots.

So we got talking and got on like two peas in a pod, there was no press, laughs, was like fireworks, though I was pretty drunk. I could feel eyes watching us as he put his hands on my hips to move around me to get the bottle of butterscotch… oh butterscotch you go down to well.

With his genius idea to whisk me away to the pub across the road as I was planning to leave, we got denied, of course. Half the party followed and we seemed to just dart across the road causing beeps & horns.. I think that’s what that was.

Walking back across the road Mr Dreamy decided to pick me up in the honeymoon grip, running across the road with me, think a truck was coming, I don’t know was to busy looking at him… mmm nom. Small gorged and he went to jump across, slipping, placing me at the top and falling down into the mud… what a gentle man. Climbing back up he picked me back up apologising hahaha I used it to my advantaged, “cant believe you would drop me!” hahaa

Time to go and he just wouldn’t let go, managed to escape, even though I didn’t I wanted him in the bushes over there!

My lift home consist of me talking on the phone to him and the rest of the party begging me to come back.  How did he get my number so fast?


Home I get and tells me a taxis on the way to bring me back to him, sweet.. but no, I’m tired.


And that’s this guy. Been texting since, I invited him to Moonlight movies in Sydney. See if he comes…